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I mean it.

I’m not going to expound on why I’ve been gone.

I will however encourage you to get good coffee. Really good coffee. The best coffee you can get short of living in one of those equatorial coffee growing regions themselves.

coffeecologyI was first turned on to Coffeecology when my wife and I went to the Mulberry Street Coffeehouse on James Street North. The coffee I had there was, far and away, the best I had ever had this side of the Atlantic. We bought half a pound of ground dark roast on the way out to take home.

But it turns out that Coffeecology is willing to do you one better, for free no less, by biking your coffee order to your door, leaving it on your front step, and taking your empty containers and labels away for reuse. Without equivocation, this coffee is as good as it gets. It’s roasted within days of delivery, comes in a bunch of varieties, tastes good enough to convince my wife to start drinking it black (when she never, ever drank coffee before that), and is all kinds of socially/environmentally certified in its production.

For less than half the cost (yep, did the math) of buying Tim Horton’s swill every morning you can drink Coffeecology every day and actually enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be.

We’re having it now with pulla, traditional Finnish dessert bread that I made with my elder daughter. At 4 1/2 she is just old enough to be a help without making a massive mess. I’m sure I was about her age when I started helping my pappa bake in earnest.

That’s what is on my mind tonight. Really good coffee, homemade bread, and my girls. There are worse nights to be had.