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Even ignoring the fact that I am a teacher and my wife works in health care, I could never vote for a candidate or a party that works so hard to further hurt the poor, the old, the sick, and the already marginalized, seemingly solely for the benefit of the rich.

Part-time jobs without benefits that leave workers below the poverty line are not real jobs. Private industry will not help you pay for your cancer treatment. It will not improve the quality of your child’s education. It will not improve social services for the newly arrived, the orphans, or the widows. The people that are in need the most will be the ones most ignored by a Conservative government.

And the longterm costs of a selfish, unhealthy, poorly-educated population reared under the tutelage of a business-first philosophy will far outweigh any supposed money that Hudak claims will be “put back in our pockets.”

When you vote (and please, no matter who you support, vote), consider what happens to a society that casts aside its most vulnerable to support its most powerful.