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Two thoughts:

First, what does one do when the driveway is completely snowed in and you have two kids in the van and your wife isn’t home?  These are the steps, learned through some hard, fast thinking:

  1. Ram the van as far into the snowdrifts covering the driveway as you can.
  2. Open the window so you can see and hear the kids.
  3. Hop out and grab the shovel.
  4. Dig out a pen by the front steps to hold the children.
  5. Take out both kids and drop them in the snow pen.
  6. Supply them with sand buckets and shovels.
  7. Frantically dig out a space in the driveway to put the van before you wife arrives to a driveway and street with no available parking.
  8. Breath massive sigh of relief when your neighbour arrives mid-shoveling and offers to snow-blow the rest of the driveway while you take the now cold and snowy kids back inside.

(It isn’t a foolproof plan, mainly because step 8 is contingent on someone else’s schedule, but it worked for me once.  My neighbour also parked my van for me, so that was kind of awesome.)

Second, I don’t think I can watch the Olympics this year.  I have issues with the Olympic games anyway (you can read about them here), but this time I feel like are even more ethical issues with being a part of something that is so clouded in the violation of basic human rights.

It would be bad enough were it simply the military attacks on ethnic minorities, the bombing, gassing, and  indiscriminate killing under the pretense of wartime actions.  It would be bad enough to merely put the “propaganda laws” in place.  But with Putin giving tacit approval to the violent vigilante-style attacks by skinhead thugs, I just can’t stomach “celebrating” anything to do with these games.  I don’t care what your personal set of beliefs regarding sexuality happens to be; there isn’t ever space for that kind of action.

It is empty, Godless hate. 

To be truthful, I don’t see how I could see the Games as anything other than a thinly-veiled ego-trip for rich countries.  In world filled with starving, dying people that alone is reason enough not to watch.  Add in some Soviet-Era persecution and I’m feeling well justified in bowing out.

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