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There are few things more frustrating than when someone assumes you are an idiot.

Rob Ford assumes everyone is an idiot.  Everyone.  You can’t talk the way he talks unless you really do think that everyone listening is a dolt.

rob fordSorry, that isn’t true.  You could if you simply didn’t care about what anyone thought of you.  You could talk that way if you didn’t care about your constituents, your voters, your friends, or your family.  You could talk the way he does if you had utter contempt for your fellow man.

I am so sorry that this is what the world is now seeing of Toronto and Canada in general.

This man is an embarrassment to all of us, and he has been for quite some time, realistically since long before he was actually elected by people that fell for his lies.  If you are a Torontonian that voted him in, you owe everyone an apology.  If you supported him while he was stumbling around with an entourage of convicted criminals, spouting racist and homophobic drivel while supposedly representing Canada’s largest and most diverse city, you owe everyone an apology.

If you still support his leadership in any way whatsoever, you need to be committed.

Rob Ford is the worst kind of liar.  He thinks you are stupid.  He thinks he has everyone fooled.  Either that or he doesn’t care what you think.  Neither option is acceptable behavior from an elected official.

And even my students know that an apology without accepting the natural consequences isn’t an apology at all.