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At the moment, I’m watching a documentary called Blackfish with my wife.

It baffles me that anyone is surprised that a 5000 lb predator is not an appropriate animal to try to train and swim with.  It’s called a killer whale.  A killer whale.  It kills things.  Bigger things than you or me.  And it lives in the water and swims faster and better than any human being ever will.

Would anyone try this with a grizzly bear?  In a pit?  With no ladders and a bucket of deer entrails?


It is truly sad what people will allow to happen in order to make money.  We know that these are intelligent, social, dangerous predators, and we know that they don’t do well in captivity.  And it would be bad enough if they were just in captivity and left to be miserable, but forcing them to dance around for hordes of slack-jawed onlookers…

It’s a heartbreaking.  It’s a terrible brand of willful ignorance, and I don’t think I could ever bring my kids to an aquarium that participates in it.