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This is about as good as it gets.  Abby is old enough now to actually get the fun of Halloween and she is mobile enough to move at a good clip.  She went to no fewer than fifty houses, confidently climbed every set of stairs, said, “Trick or Treat!” and “Thank you!” to every homeowner, and proudly refused to wear a sweater despite the blowing wind and rain.  She only agreed to come home because I was complaining about how wet I was getting.Small Halloween-3

(Nora only managed to do three houses before she got sick of wearing her nurse’s cap.  She would only have slowed us down, anyway.)

My wife stole the idea of the Candy Fairy from one of her friends; Abby has the “option” of bagging up all but a handful of her stash (which was substantial this year) and leaving it for the Candy Fairy to exchange for a special book.  It solves the two major issues of Halloween:  a) Abby has too much candy, and b) I don’t have enough.