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kermit the frogWe recently watched The Muppets with Abby and Nora.  I remember when it first came out, my brother was telling me about Jason Segel’s personal investment in it, both as a writer and as long-time Muppet fan.  Maybe that coloured the movie for me, but I think even without that bias I would have assessed the movie roughly the same.

It is touching and flawed, filled with heart but nowhere near as effortlessly elegant as the original movies were.  I sympathized with Segel’s emphasis on nostalgia, on Walter’s journey through childhood where the Muppets represented something closer to his personal narrative than any real person around him, but I was left feeling a bit deflated by the end.

Until Kermit sang this song:

At that point I started to cry.

As much as I wanted The Muppets to be more than it was, Jim Henson is long dead and gone, and I should be happy that those kids (like Jason Segel, who is, incidentally, the same age as me) who were inspired by him are keeping those rainbows in the sky.