When the news breaks, and the posts start coming up about broken hearts and prayers and shock and horror and grief, the inevitable debates will start.  Kneejerk reactions, entrenched positions, personal attacks, and the rest of the junk will come up thick and fast.  There are right thoughts, valuable opinions, and true things in there, but there is also a lot of anger, condescension, and vitriol, and this time I really just want to stay the heck away from all of it.  The answers are never simple anyway.  They don’t fit on Facebook posts.

The thing that pulls at my heart and compels me to speak at all is simply this: in a world that makes people seem so far apart, so alone, so ignored, so isolated and afraid and in darkness, I don’t have to wonder why this sort of thing happens.  People that are loved don’t do this.  People that have caring, responsible friends don’t do this.  People that know that help is there don’t do this.

Those thoughts are not an answer; God knows I don’t have one worth sharing. Image