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*”One must avoid that wicked temptress, Laziness.”  Horace

And I have been lazy; laws yes, I have.

But in my defense, it has been laziness only about that which is blog-related.  In other things, I feel that I have been legitimately engaged.  I cleaned up at the most recent Ancaster Fall Fair, pulling in fourteen ribbons across three different categories. 

(Yes, I know, it’s a regional fair and the competition isn’t exactly elite, but neither am I an elite competitor nor a particularly gifted artist/photographer/baker.  I’ll take my few victories when and where I can get them.)

My new classroom is coming along as well.  It’s a new school for me again, with a new staff, new routines, and with it comes all of my old social anxieties and neuroses.  This time it only took me two weeks before I nerved-up to having lunch in the staffroom; I still don’t know where to sit to avoid intentional or unintentional ostracism, but at least my coworkers no longer wonder if I died at my desk.

Nora continues to grow like a little pink weed.  She’s up to 9 lbs 4 oz at a month old, she stays awake for an hour at a time, and she keeps up a pretty steady chorus of grunts and burps through the day (and, unfortunately, through much of the night). 

Abby is becoming a wonderful big sister.  Were it up to her, she’d be carrying Nora around with her from game to game all day long.  Of course, Abby tends to carry her dolls upside down or by the hair, so we have to keep a close eye on the two of them when Nora is at snatching-level.

And while all this happens I’ve been indulging in the comforts of fine art.  Back when I taught at the private school, I used to do a To Kill a Mockingbird novel study with my grade eights every year.  I liked it as much or more than my students; I know the citizens and stories of Maycomb so well now that they have come to feel like my own.  Now I’m reading it again in a beautiful hardcover edition I bought from The Folio Society many years ago.

Like Harper Lee’s prose, Mumford and Sons is both beautiful and familiar.  I just downloaded their latest album and was amazed that anything could be as good as or better than their first.

I’ll find the rhythm to write again.  I know I will.