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Nora doing what she does best.

Nora is ten days old today, and I have yet to start the process of documenting her life through this blog.  That’s pretty lousy.  I can, and must, do better than that.

It’s just that she showed up at a very busy time.  I’ve started at (yet another) new school this year, meaning I’ve had to assemble a classroom, plan out a teaching strategy, learn a bunch of new staff names, and find the washrooms at a place I’ve never been to.  I’ve also had to put my MEd thesis on hold until I can figure out how to make not suck.

Abby still demands a lot of my time and attention (deservedly so), so I’m probably not putting in quite as much baby-snuggle time as I would normally like.  But that isn’t a complaint; being a father to two little girls means that I have to deliberately set aside Daddy-Daughter time with each of them, as they each require very different things from me.

But back to Nora, my darling youngest.  My wife once again proved that she is built for babies.  Nora came out after just five minutes of pushing, with nary a bruise, bump, or hint of conehead on her.  Unlike Abby, who had meconium and needed to be whisked up by the NICU team when she hit the deck, Nora came out without a hint of trouble, and lay peacefully on her mother’s chest only seconds after birth.  She nursed right away, pooped and peed without a hiccup, and slept like a log for the duration of the hospital stay.  Knock wood, but I think we got ourselves another “easy baby.”

And that’s been the story of Nora since she got here.  For a baby whose prenatal existence was fraught with complications and problems (borderline vasa previa, threatened pre-term labour, velamentous cord insertion, and some weird splitting cord thing that doesn’t even have a name), Nora seems bent on giving us a break now that she’s on the outside.

First meeting between sisters. Abby is clearly less than impressed.

Abby’s doing her part too.  She loves her little sister to the point that today she cried miserably until I brought Nora up for a pre-nap hug and kiss.  Our biggest worry with the two of them is that Abby will hold a kiss too long and smother her little sister with affection.  (I’m not kidding; we are really concerned about that.)

We had a single day of Abby really acting up, defying us, having fits, and requiring the dreaded “time-out,” but none of that was ever directed at her little sister.  I’m not enough of a child psychologist to know how all of her emotions were playing out in her head, but she was clearly reacting in some way to the new concept of “Home” that Nora created with her arrival.  Thankfully, this kind of behaviour was short-lived and I now have my little girl back.

I know that it will be difficult to keep up with blogging with such a busy schedule and such very fragmented sleep, but I think I owe it to me new girl to try.  She needs more pictures taken, more stories written, more kisses given and more hours spent snuggling on the couch.