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Whoops!  Two weeks went by and I forgot to blog again.  Time flies when you are prepping for a new baby, a new classroom, and a new school.  This summer has blown past, as summers often do.

But this was a good reminder that if I ever want to be good at writing I’m going to have to keep doing it.  The preview issue of the Morpheus Tales biopunk special just came out.

And I’m in it.

My story, “Richard and the Silver Marks,” is the fifth in Ripped Genes.  It’s my second time being published in Morpheus Tales; the first time was in issue 13 back in July of 2011, back when Abby and I were kicking it as an awesome Daddy-Daughter duo.  Again, time flies.  Now Abby is out of diapers, talking in full sentences, and slowly growing her resentment at soon being required to share her stuff.

Please do check out the preview at Issuu.  The issue launches in early September, bulking my collection of published works up to two short stories and an editorial in last quarter’s local communist newsletter (“Living Large Like Lenin:  Don’t Bolshevik Me!”).