It’s been a month since I last wrote.  This is the longest I have been away from the blog since I started it back in 2009.  (Has it really been up that long?  Cripes.  I’m getting old.)

I have been away from home 15 days in the last 30, the result of a wedding across the pond (Congrats, Ryan and Debs!), a White Pine camping trip with my grade 8s, a run out to Goderich to visit friends and see the rebuild of the square, a community yard sale at my old house, and a grade 7 trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  Add to that the fun of report cards, packing up my room to leave yet another school, finishing my last course for my MEd, and starting my thesis, I’m officially burnt out.

Not bad for the first day of summer break, eh?

My mood is pretty low at the moment.  I’m just tired of making friends at work only to watch them slip away when I have to leave for a new gig.  I got spoiled with my first job; I was there for four years straight and I loved knowing that, even if I failed to maintain ties over the summer, I would see people the next fall.  The continuity made up for my terrible, terrible social skills.

This summer will need a few projects to pull me up out of it.  I drafted plans for a gazebo, the backyard needs a makeover, and I fully intend to “de-junk” the basement before the school year starts again.  Abby needs to be potty trained and I keep playing with the idea of painting the kitchen.  We’ll see what happens, I guess.