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My daughter and I spent a lot of time at the local zoo last year.  Since the season’s pass for the two of us came in under $50 it was an economical play destination.  Abby was a big fan of the 10:00 animal show, where she could pet alligators, lion cubs, and tortoises.  We were often the first ones there in the morning, and having a huge park full of wild creatures all to ourselves always felt just a touch magical.

The zoo opened for the new season last weekend, so the three of us packed up our outing bag and headed out bright and early.

I was reminded of how heavily I abused the season’s pass last year when the woman working at the desk recognized Abby and commented on how much she had grown since last year.

Also, she mentioned that we were the first visitors of the year.

The day was wonderful, and Abby got to meet a whole new crop of animals in the show, including a baby red kangaroo, a two-week-old lion cub, and a newborn ring-tailed lemur.  She made fun of the camel’s teeth:

And she pretended to be a monkey:

And she got to hear the wolf howl at its inability to eat any of the kids at the birthday party up the hill (you have to crank up the sound to hear it near the beginning, but I promise you that it was terrifying in person):

This summer promises to be a good time.