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Yesterday I wrote about a minor confluence of ideas that occurred in my life.  My friend Cindy always calls this synchronicity, refusing, I suppose, to believe in coincidence because of her own peculiar ideology.  I rarely use the word, and I couldn’t tell you exactly why I chose it as the title of yesterday’s post, but I didn’t give it much thought until last night.

My wife and I rarely have the time or energy to sit down and watch an entire movie together, but we did last night.  It was A Dangerous Method, one of the Blu Rays that we had scavenged from the rapidly emptying husk of our local Rogers Video, and one that I probably wouldn’t have even wanted to watch were it not for the fact that it had both Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender in it (both favourites of mine, and both guys on whom I have a “man-crush”).

The movie was alright, typically Cronenberg, but the weird thing came from my wife’s usual habit of looking up additional information on any and all historical figures from every movie or show we watch together.

“Hey,” she said, looking over from a Wikipedia entry.  “Did you know that Jung coined the term synchronicity?”

“No.  No, I did not know that.”