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My wife and I stopped in at our local Rogers Video store to take advantage of their closing sale.  Like other video rental stores they are shutting down operations, but the company smartly decided many years ago to diversify their services and they will instead operate smaller service stores for their cable and internet.  Places like Blockbuster and Jumbo video exercised less foresight.

When this fact came up in my class, I engaged the students in a conversation about flexibility.  I used Rogers as an example of a company that was prepared to change their model to suit the needs of the customer base.  And I presented it as a lesson in how they should approach their lives outside of school; be good at something, but be prepared to use it in different ways when situations change.

It echoes what I’m reading in Sir Ken Robinson’s The Element, a book all about finding your passion and making it the focus of your life.  You have to be willing to see different ways of using your gifts if you want to keep them at the forefront of your existence.

And now I’m wondering how it is that I’m going to follow my own advice.