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Having most mornings off is a mixed blessing.  I’m not very productive in the morning if I stay at home.  I fritter away my time, stay in front of the TV too long, get sucked into online shopping deals, and generally make poor use of my day.  Back when I worked retail, I preferred morning shifts, even if it meant getting to the store at 6:00 AM, because I knew that I would actually be motivated to get stuff done after work.

A usual solution for me is to physically relocate.  Starbucks has made no money off of me this year, as I frequently go there for the free Wi-Fi and a $2.47 venti bold.  I can nurse that puppy over the course of two-and-a-half-hours while I kill their bandwidth doing course work.

I could, instead, clean the house (as my wife has suggested) but there is something soul destroying about cleaning, and I keep telling her that to start off the day having scrubbed toilets is to doom my students to a broken teacher in the afternoon.  I’ll clean in the evening, when I can then legitimately have a beer to celebrate a sparkling bowl, but what can I have to celebrate before noon?  An omelet?  Please.