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I have not made any effort to blog recently.  I could argue that it has been a hectic few weeks, what with crunch time kicking in for both my courses, but truth be told I simply haven’t felt motivated to sort through my day’s activities, emotions, or silliness.  I have temporarily stopped seeing my days as 400-500 word snippets of writing.

Part of it probably comes from my teaching.  Recently, I have been able to be very creative in the way I approach the classroom, and it has been satisfying my expressive and productive needs to the point that writing seems less necessary than it used to.  But March Break has just started, so I will need an outlet again.

As well, I have been playing with creative writing more lately.  Maybe I was spurred on by random trolls that told me that I couldn’t write for crap (and that I was allowing spell check, of all things, to dumb down what I did write).  Maybe it’s just the spring feel to the air that has gotten me going.  Maybe it’s the fear expressed by Steve Carell ‘s character in The 40-Year Old Virgin that if I don’t use it I really will lose it.

Finally, my mind has often been cast elsewhere by something best expressed by my daughter.