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I have been thinking a lot about aesthetic experiences lately.  Maybe it’s because I have been lucky enough to find myself with a class that has quickly and gratefully bought into my current pedagogy.  I am surrounded by students that seem willing to explore, try, fail, and learn, all while looking for beauty in whatever we find.

I can’t help but feel that school needs to reflect Ken Robinson’s directive of “waking up” our kids.

I have to believe in this.  To do otherwise seems… unethical.  I’m so tired of hearing that kids are willfully bent against the curriculum.  I’m so worried that my teaching has, at many times, done more to bore and distress than it has to inspire and awaken.

When I look at the world through this lens – the aesthetic, experiential one – I can’t help but be moved by the raw elegance of things.  I marvel at my daughter’s hands.  I ache when confronted with a fog shrouded barn on a winter morning.  The Civil Wars touches off some slow-burning wick deep in my heart.