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I have been booked for many, many mornings, both this week and next, and am swamped.  I post only out of guilt, much as I might water a dying houseplant with the remnants of my morning coffee when I notice that it is limply folding over the lip of its pot.

In the name of unschooling (my prof is Carlo Ricci) I am writing my reflective piece as a visually-striking manifesto.  Yes, this is a Master’s level course, and yes I am deliberately bucking academic writing because I have the kind of prof that might actually see value in the act of it.

In the name of Paulo Freire, I have moved all of my students’ desks to the periphery of the room so that we can conduct much of our class seated on the floor in loose groupings.

In the name of health I have forced myself to get on a treadmill twice a week.  (My legs protest this treatment even now.)

In the name of writing I have used a parallel structure throughout this meager post.