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UFC 140 went off last night, and again, I didn’t bother to get the Pay Per View.  It’s not like I’ve lost interest in MMA, or that the card wasn’t decent.  I just didn’t get on the ball to see if there was anyone else within a 30 minute drive of my house that wanted to split the cost with me (I can’t really justify $60 to watch three hours of violence all by myself, after all).

And it’s just such a crap shoot with live events; sometimes that investment ends up being an enormous series of duds, especially if the higher weight classes (read: heavyweights) are involved in any significant way.  Several rounds of heavy breathing and sluggish lunging can be found for less money on other pay per view channels.

Last night, of course, featured the following outcomes:

  1.  A seven-second knockout (tied for the fastest in UFC history)
  2. The best heavyweight jujitsu practitioner in the world getting his arm dislocated at the shoulder because he refused to tap out to a kimura
  3. Jon Jones posting his fourth straight win in 2011, his second consecutive title defense, and his third utter domination of a former UFC champion (he choked his opponent unconscious with a standing guillotine choke)

So, yes, I should have probably bought that event.

My second regret involves a poorly planned attempt to make battered pickerel.  I looked up a batter recipe, tried to follow it to the letter, and ended up with something that looked like dog poop and tasted like a bland but aggressive pancake had caught the world’s most boring fish and smothered it to death.  Half of the fish was burnt, half of it was undercooked, there were bones everywhere, and I scalded myself no fewer than seventeen times.

So, yes, I probably should have made grilled cheese tonight instead