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Thank goodness for my family’s keen eye.

I had just sent this assignment in to my prof when my brother-in-law messaged me on Facebook to point out the fact that my big, custom header had “Philosophy” spelled wrong.  Of course, that meant that I had to quickly make up a new header, one that featured standardized spelling so I didn’t look like a tool, and get it up on the site before too much damage had been done.

But, header now corrected, I have my last assignment of the year finished.  It isn’t everything that I wanted it to be, but it’s still (I think) vastly better than another research paper.  My academic guilt did kick a in a bit at the end, however, so I took all the text and put it into a quasi-APA paper format that I could attach to the website.  That, however, is my only nod to the old-school.

If you want to check it out, please feel free to click on the image below.

Now with correct spelling!