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Crap.  I’m in Starbucks and I’m trying unsuccessfully not to cry while reading Sesame Workshop’s 2009 annual report for the fifth time or so.  Deep into researching my final paper for my Educational Philosophy course, I’m finding myself more and more invested in these furry little heroes and what they offer us.

If only all of education held itself as accountable to helping the world as Sesame Street does.  Oh what a future we could offer our kids.  Oh what a world it could be.

When I’m done this assignment, I will be sure to post it here as well.  It is not in the form of a traditional academic paper, and it is not a traditional academic topic, but I’m coming to the conclusion that I don’t fit traditional academics quite as well as I once thought that I did.  Neither, I suppose, do puppets made out of bathmats, but look what they can do.