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So this will be blog post #717 about how I have too many things going on.  Sorry about that.  If I had the mental energy to stun you with profundity I would, I promise you.

Today I have been laid-up with a wicked headache and a voice so shot from trying to be heard over my students that it is now basically useless.  I have alternated between sleep, marking, and trying to wrap my head around about a dozen different forms of philosophy and their relationships with education.  My brain, body, and soul feel used-up.

I keep telling my wife that I have never felt more intellectually stimulated than I do now, but that comes at a price.  I feel like recently I spend so much time trying to think things through that parts of my head are experiencing strains and tear.  Attentively reading about educational philosophy is like trying to learn a new language while doing handstands.  My cranial blood flow feels all out of whack.

Music is helping.  I recently downloaded Peter Gabriel’s New Blood, an album of orchestral reimaginings of his older work; it is about 2/3 hit and 1/3 miss, but when it hits it is magnificent.

Also, Florence and the Machine have come to my rescue:

Thank God there are bands out there that are doing something that is both different and listenable.  It gives me hope for humanity, something that I need when Dewey, Kant, Freire, Buber, and Derrida have all worn me out.