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The last two weeks have been about the busiest I can remember.

In addition to the work that goes into planning and executing a Grade 7 program with an indeterminate end date, I have been swamped with readings and assignments for the two courses I am taking for my Masters.  Somewhere in there I went to a truly lovely wedding at the Windermere Manor, a place that has its own apiary.  (Of course I bought some honey while I was there.)  Add to that the brilliant idea of preparing things for no fewer than twenty categories at the Ancaster Fall Fair and you have yourself a ridonculous fourteen days.

These two weeks should have produced about a dozen blog posts, but writing always seemed to be the lowest priority.  There were always other things that needed my attention, not the least of which was my little 16-month-old daughter and her need to open, empty, and tear up everything in her reach.

Tonight, I am slogging my way through seven chapters of my Gifted Education textbook.  This section is about gifted programs in different countries; I have read about France and Germany, and I will soon be delving into Russia, China, Sweden, and Australia.  As such, nothing of value will be written by me tonight.

But I can offer an old gem, at least, a song that is still one of my all-time favourites, one of a very few that I will willingly play on my acoustic in front of people.  It came up on my iPod just now and it was the kick in the butt I needed to at least try to write something that wasn’t filled with teaching jargon and APA-style references.