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Okay, I have absolutely no time to write anything coherent.  Take from the following what you will.

I have bread in the oven, but not bread that I will eat.  It will be handed over (along with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and about 20 mounted photographs) to the Ancaster Agricultural Society for consideration in the Ancaster Fall Fair.  The prizes are trivially small, often less than the money  necessary to make the entry, but it will be fun to (hopefully) see a few of my works on display.  (Further notes on my experiences at the Fair are available here.)

At the same time, I am trying to keep up with the readings and online discussions for my Gifted Education course, as well as the readings for my Philosophy of Education course (in-class on once a week), and with the usual workload that comes from teaching Grade 7 Language, Math, and various other subjects.

In between these things I am trying to find moments of cuddle-time with my little girl and my wife.

Hot yoga has been shelved until things settle down.  All other forms of exercise have also been dumped.

On occasion I find time to eat.

My social life has been reduced to “Like”ing things on Facebook.  I’ve lost the motivation to comment anymore.  The lack of “Dislike” buttons has left me with no valid, curmudgeonly options.

Updates may or may not follow.  I offer no guarantees.