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I feel the need to share this in the interest of public safety.  If you have a toddler at home, you are at serious risk of injury.  The incident is known as the Butt-Plant Jackknife Trip, and it occurs when one parent (A) is lying face up on the ground while another parent (B) is walking toward him with the intention of stepping over his legs to enter the next room.

The danger in this scenario is the toddler (T).  At the very moment that parent B is about to step over parent A’s legs, toddler T launches a surprise butt-plant attack on parent A’s stomach.  Parent A, reacting to being suddenly winded by 25 pounds of falling baby, jackknifes his legs upward involuntarily.  Parent B plows into parent A’s legs and is thrown to the ground like an Italian soccer player reacting to a slide tackle seven feet in front of him.

Please, be careful around toddlers.  7 million people die every year from toddler related incidents like this.