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It’s been a while since I’ve watched a really good movie.  Not a great, life-changing movie, but a really good one.

Last night, Erin watched Black Swan.  If you don’t follow film or media or popular culture in any way, let me remind you of it:

How can I say this delicately?

Black Swan was stuck so far its own butt that it couldn’t see the light of day with its mouth closed.  It was obnoxiously dark, grueling, unlikable, and hankering so hard after awards that it forgot to entertain me in any way.

Luckily, Erin and I rented a few other movies, including The Adjustment Bureau.  Again, a reminder:

The Adjustment Bureau was like an antidote to Black Swan.  It was smart, creative, engaging, peppered with light moments just enough to keep it from getting down on itself.  The characters were easy to root for, and even the minor ones felt well-developed and interesting.  The story, however unlikely, still felt more “real” than the miserable angst-fest that was Black Swan.  I don’t want to ruin the plot (though the preview does give much of it away), but there is an undercurrent of hope that keeps you invested from beginning to end.

And the thing that The Adjustment Bureau does really well: it gets love.  It gets that really intense, passionate, drop everything, aching kind of love that makes life worth living.  There aren’t enough movies out that are able to make me believe it the way that Matt Damon and Emily Blunt do, so I tip my magical hat (watch the movie) to them.