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I have officially become “that dad.”  You know the one.  He’s the guy that dresses up his child in thematically appropriate outfits for events and trips.  For UFC 129, Abby was decked out in this:

In my defense, I did not buy the Tapout onesie (although I would have had I ever come across one).  My in-laws got it in Vegas I was just itching for a good reason to dress up my daughter with gear from the largest MMA sponsor in the world.

Today, I got a chance to pop Abby back into her flight cap, something that I forgot to do the last time that we went to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.  I had promised myself that I would go there with her this summer, and I had also promised myself that I would make sure that she was properly dressed this time.

Hence, my baby went out in public looking like this:

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And by public, I mean a museum full of planes and aviation enthusiasts, so it isn’t as though she really seemed out of place, but I still had the underlying sense that I had crossed some kind of line.  At the very least, though, I know that I’m not as bad as a pageant dad yet: