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Despite the fact that I have probably written a solid twenty pages of material in the last week, not a word of it is any good for maintaining a blog.

I am currently working on my first Master of Education course.  It is online, which usually results in more work and time spent than an actual class, but there aren’t many in-class options available in the summer (what with teachers jealously guarding their summers off, and whatnot).  Any time that I do spend in front of the computer is now devoted to monitoring message boards, digging up journal articles, and writing stuff about curriculum theories that, up until now, I had never even heard of.

I thought that I would be able to work on it more through the day, but Abby keeps me much busier than I had anticipated, and by the time that she goes down for a nap, I’m ready to pass out myself.  That leaves me a quiet period after 7:00 where I really try to finish up my work.

It would, anyway, were it not for the fact that there seem to be a million other things going on this week in that block (U2 concert in TO, meeting with daycare providers, house viewings, and a visitation).

I so wish that I could sit down and write about some of this fun stuff, but I can’t do it right now.  Not a chance.  I’m pushing it with this as we speak.  Hopefully the latter half of this course will settle down a bit so I can actually blog again.  Hopefully.