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This weekend was our first sleepover away from Abby.  For a lot of parents, this means a night of frantic calls home and a restless night of worrying that the baby has learned to unlock the front door and is currently driving the car against traffic on the highway.

Our time away had many lovely distractions, however.  The first was a trip to the Toronto Distillery District.  I like beer, and I like food, and I like old things made of bricks.  These things occur in large numbers there.  We had a lovely lunch with my brother and sister-in-law at Pure Spirits, then quickly ducked over to the Mill St. Brew Pub for an after-lunch-with-beer beer or two.  (I actually had four beers, but they were all quite small; it was a sampler tray of small glasses that added up to roughly a pint.  All pubs should have this option available.)

After that, Erin and I headed back to the hotel for a quick nap, then got all dolled-up for her friend Kristina’s wedding.

I’ve blogged about a few weddings here before.  And I’ll say many of the same things here.  I’m not big on going to weddings.  I liked mine because I knew everyone there, but that never happens at other weddings I go to, and I hate strangers, so you do the math.

Kristina and Nick definitely went out of their way to make this wedding as fun for me as possible.  They had it at The Berkeley, an old church that has been repurposed as an event venue extraordinaire.  They made sure that everything happened right there at the same spot, so no one had to drive between the ceremony and the reception, and they made sure that alcohol was readily available from the second you walked in the doors.  Everything looked beautiful, the bride was wearing a wedding dress that had been named after her by designer Robert Bullock (not even making that one up), and there was a live band to blast us into the evening.

Above and beyond that, however, was our table.  Once again at Table 9 (we were at Table 9 at another friend’s wedding, and it was the liveliest of all the tables that night), we were surrounded by Erin’s old roommates, lovely, fun, brilliant women all of them.  Shenanigans (obviously) ensued, and included, but were not limited to:

  • A drunken three-way text conversation with an absent husband about the merits of hunting deer with slingshots
  • Naming a popular mixed drink after two of us at the table (Kate + Nick = the Nate or the Kick)
  • Crashing the wedding next door for a quick dance around 11:00
  • Several people changing into sweats outside in the ill-lit parking lot of the church

Such are the things that make for a great night away from the baby.