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To prepare Abby for her party, we needed to get her fed.  She get’s awfully cranky if she hasn’t had a snack by 2:30.  Erin, for some reason, decided to risk dressing her up for the party first, so we had to be extra careful with bib placement and the staining potential of her food.

Abby adored her outfit.  We don’t often dress her in super-girly dresses (the kinds with crinoline and flares and fluffs), and I think she enjoyed being able to flap her skirt about.  Either that or she knew just how crazy cute she looked.

Her sun hat was a necessity, seeing as we lucked out and had a beautiful day.  (And good thing, too, since our living room would not have held the 15 people that we invited.)  Also, having a water table play set out kept her occupied while the adults enjoyed sitting in the sun.  It also led to many photographic opportunities involving high shutter speeds and splashing liquids.  That may have been my idea all along, with the birthday party merely being a ploy.

Abby was also a fan of the drink buckets.  They looked enticingly like arctic versions of her water play table.

For a one-year-old, Abby was quite good about looking at each of her cards and presents in turn.  It was one hell of haul for a party that had “Don’t bring presents” written on the invitations.

The smash cake was a hit.  But fondant icing turns out to be rather difficult to dig through when you have tiny, tiny hands.  Erin eventually had to tear it open for Abby after Abby simply lifted the whole cake to her mouth in order to rabbit-bite her way in.

I know that these parties are more for the parents than the kids, but I hope that one day, many years from now Abby will appreciate what we made for her.  I hope that she will look at these pictures and laugh at the dress, the cake, the piles of presents.  And I hope that she will know how much she is loved.