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Abby had her first birthday party on the weekend.

I’ve never been a big fan of big birthday events for one-year-olds.  They won’t remember it, at some point they will have a hysterical meltdown, and they’ll be passed out by 7:15.  (A math teacher I once taught with celebrates all of her birthdays this way, mind you.)

But everything changes when you have your own baby.  “Of course she has to have a party!  Of course she has to have a fancy cake!  Of course there must be balloons, and butterflies, and bubbles, and a party dress so ludicrously white that whispering the word dirt near it will sully its pristine fabric!”

And so we had a party.

There was the cake.  Or, to be more accurate, the cakes.  We had a cake for all of the guests, and then we had a cake for Abby (sometimes referred to as a “smash cake”).  We had them made by a place called Let Them Eat Cakes, where they matched them to our napkins and table clothes for the party.  They also put a glowing, colour-changing butterfly on the big cake as a surprise for us.  You can’t beat that.

Erin supplied the details to liven up the place.

Water and beverages also featured heavily in our backyard decor.

And then there was the birthday girl herself.

To be continued…