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My baby girl, Abigail, is one year old today.

There are things about which I am unable to blog effectively (my grandmother dying was one of them).  There are too many emotions tied into them, too many nuances, too much history or too much substance to work within the 500 word limit I usually impose on myself.

Obviously I will have no success with this topic.

Becoming a father a year ago upset every bit of my life, changed everything that made me the man I had been to make me the man I needed to be.  I’m not there yet.  I’ll likely die before I’ve ever come close to being good enough for what my little girl deserves.  A year in, she has a better father than she did when she first blinked in the light of this world.  Next year, I hope to be a little bit better still.

Happy Birthday, Abby.  Daddy loves you more than you will ever know.