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I should probably be writing something profound and delicate and artistic.  Certainly it has been too long since I have committed myself to that kind of post.  But I don’t feel it today.  It has been an up-and-down sort of week, emotionally and intellectually, and I don’t know how to process everything right now.  I feel muddy all up in my brain.

So I will talk about something that I am clear on: I’m in love with my camera.  Or to be more precise, I am in love with what my camera does when paired with a 50 mm lens and my baby.

I know that I do a lot of things wrong when I take pictures, and I am an amateur wannabe in the worst sense of the term, but I love few things more than diffused light through a window and a fully charged camera battery.

Someday I’ll go take some classes and learn how to do stuff properly, but in the meantime, all I’m happy with this: