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It is a tired cliché in this country that the political left must pull together if it ever wants to stand a chance against the united front of right-wing thought and policy.  And yet the left is once again fragmented into two parties that simply cannot see eye-to-eye.

What is it about them that can’t see that this fight is one that has to be fought side by side?  Neither leader can win, not on their own.  They need each other.  They need to work together.  Otherwise, who will stand up against the Conservatives?  Who will face off against Stephen Harper and his dead, dead eyes?

So I beg you – I beg you – unite.  Put aside your differences and fight together.

I am personally appealing to you, Miguel Figueroa of the Communist Party of Canada, and to you, Anna Di Carlo of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, see beyond your ideological schism and join together to take on the right-wing juggernaut.

We are all counting on you.