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A woman working at RW & CO. called me sweetness today. 

As in, “And how will you be paying for this today, sweetness?” 

I don’t know what to do with someone calling me sweetness. It’s disconcerting.  It has crossed from friendliness into an awkward sort of flirtatiousness that I don’t particularly welcome.  I like banter, and I like being nice to retail workers (being a former bookstore employee, I have a soft spot for anyone at a cash register), but sweetness is just… odd.

Maybe that’s what threw me off.  It was very, very odd.  Like a stranger calling me thunderbuns or pecmeister or jackhammer.  My wife can call me that for a laugh, but she’s the only one that could make a joke out of it that doesn’t set me on edge.

Hmm…  thunderbuns.

I’ve changed my mind.  You may now call me thunderbuns.