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Further visual musings from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

I’m not a warhawk, and I don’t often see the value in armed conflict, but I do respect the fact that sometimes it is the least of the evils available in the face tyranny and oppression. And I can’t help but feel a bit of pride when I see the maple leaf emblazoned on something. The way I see it, our military has never been perfect, but it has been on the side of right and good more often than not.

Despite the lack of toddler-friendly activities, Abby did seem to be enjoying herself at the museum. She is posing next to a model of the HMCS Bonaventure, the ship on which the Grumman CS2F-S Tracker served.

This Fairey Firefly Mk. 6 was being moved into the hanger while we were wandering about. It has its wings folded up just as it would have during transport on an aircraft carrier deck. I like this picture of it because it has a very cubist feel to it. I’m not familiar enough with aeronautical engineering to really understand all the pivots and folds going on.

A detail from the “unrestored” half of an old prop plane. I like the distressing and the fake bird’s nest that they tucked in behind the prop.

The highlight of the trip. Posted on a memory wall and left for the enjoyment of all.