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More pictures from our recent trip to the T-dot.

The tobacconist downstairs was also home to a vast collection of tin soldiers from all eras of manly and noble wars (Boer, Napoleonic, Civil, Revolutionary). I swear that when I wasn’t looking right at them, the little bastards would start moving. One of them flipped me off. I’m sure of it.

This charge was ill-planned; the edge of the shelf was inches ahead of the lead soldiers.

We continued our architectural tour of the city by heading out to BCE place to wander around. I wish, wish, wish that I could have shot this with everyone in focus, but I love the angle and light too much not to keep it.

To be honest, I’m not much of a fan of TO’s architecture. As my brother pointed out, there was a big push years ago to tear down the old stuff and put up all kinds of concrete ugliness. This is starting to change, and some old buildings are being cleaned up rather than ripped down, and there are a few modern bright spots like BCE Place.

This is my brother making silly faces with Abby. Abby loves her uncle, mostly because of the silly faces, I assume.

Abby discovered the joy of the Globe and Mail while we were at the Royal York. Her game consisted of separating the paper into individual sheets and hiding under the resulting pile.

Wandering the city is lovely when you have days this beautiful.

Mommy and baby in the T-dot.

Abby was happy to have the city washed off her.