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Pictures from our recent trip to Toronto.

You'll notice that Erin is wearing an Ergo. This is the single greatest piece of baby technology ever created by mankind. There is no more convenient way to carry a baby around a city.

The Fairmont Royal York in Toronto is one of those fancy hotels that likes to keep flowers out on expensive-looking tables. I'm used to motels where the only flowers you'll see are imaginary ones you construct from the stains on the blankets.

Another key in a fancy hotel is having pianos scattered about. This one was sitting by itself in an empty ballroom, and I again wished that I could play piano. The story would be much better with me plinking out a tune and bring to life the spirits of all the attendees of the 1929 inaugural ball.

This, of course, is a picture of one of those balls. The bartender in this picture still works downstairs and he doesn't seem to have aged. He also told me that I needed to kill a bunch of people. I thought that was strange because the creepy twins in the hallway told me the same thing while I was riding my tricycle down the halls.