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This is my first sick day this school year.  My very first.  For me, with an immune system that seemingly invites in colds, that is pretty darn good.  But now something has settled into my chest and I’m taking the day to try to fight it off with a steady intake of grapefruit pop and Kraft Dinner.

It’s also giving me a chance to review my portfolio for my Masters application.  I’ve been through the checklist a hundred times today, and I’ve spell checked, grammar checked, typo checked, and swear checked the bloody thing more times than I can count.  I’ve printed it all off on nice, 24 lb, high brightness paper.  I put it into a new, crisp, two pocket portfolio.  I misted it gently with a light, neutral perfume.  (Kidding.  I actually daubed it with vanilla extract to make the reviewers think of cookies while they judged me.)

I just hate that feeling of sending it off and hoping for the best.  I would actually prefer an interview.  Or maybe a cage match.

Yes, that would be preferable.  Instead of a 500 word essay, toss me a pair of 4 oz gloves and a mouth piece and I’ll fight my way into academia.  I’m pretty sure that’s how my dad got into law school.