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This blog post will be completely positive.  I will not complain at all.  This will be a freaking ray of sunshine.  Read on for a cascade of rainbow joy.

Remember that interview I went on last post?  It went very well.  In fact, it went so well that I fear that I convinced a number of people that I am much better at my job than I actually am.

So they hired me.

… Yippee?

I mean… yippee!  Yippe-kay-yay… mother…

Of course, I should be happy about getting the job, right?  I mean, I am.  I AM HAPPY.  I AM GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE IN LIFE.

I’m even grateful for the fact that my new job starts the day after my old one ends.  Totally, totally grateful.  I’m glad not to have a few days to dwell on the impossibility of completing my next task.  Better to be up to my neck in it right away, almost drowning, struggling for air… aspirating…


I’m so happy at the prospect of meeting new people.  I almost got to know people at my last job and now I can look forward to a similar experience over the exact same length of time.  In a bigger building.  With twice the number of staff.  With atrophied social skills.

I can’t wait to not know any of the routines again!

I’m pickled tink that I don’t know where to park!

I’m quivering with joy that I have already forgotten where the staff bathroom is!


Happy happy joy joy.

(See?  This is why I don’t do “upbeat” very often.)