First, apologies.  My blogging these days has felt harried.  I blame… I dunno… life.  It has been coming at me hard and fast these days and I am left with very little time to do anything other than scramble to catch up.  I stole forty-five minutes last night for some much needed stabby-stabby-sneaky-killy-fun-time in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.  I should probably have been prepping more for my interview, but after several hours of guessing at potential questions and scrawling out answers filled with buzzwords, I needed something filled with rooftop leaping and wrist-blades to settle me down.

With the interview over, I now get to play the excruciatingly painful game of “Wait for the Bloody Phone to Ring.”  I don’t like that game, mostly because it is always preceded with long sessions of “Practice my Gracious Loser Answer.”  That game also sucks.

Also, we are out of food at home.  Grocery shopping in winter with a baby is not very fun, so Erin and I keep putting it off until we are out of everything except for a can of chickpeas that we bought years ago in a well-meaning bid to reduce our meat intake.  I think that I can make something out of it, but first I need to get past my fear that chickpeas are actually preserved squirrel brains.  (Just look at the damned things!  They’re creepy as hell!)

Things will settle down in a week or so, and then I will be able to catch my breath and survey the landscape of my life.  In the meantime, don’t look to me for anything profound.

It's true! Just look at them!