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Damn, I’m late with my post today.

I had been very good about keeping my New Year’s resolution about writing my blog the night before, but the last week has thrown me off my game.  (It has also road-blocked my other resolution of reading sixty books by the end of the year.  I’m now so far behind that I might as well target twelve books by Christmas and be done with it.)

Sadly, this week plans to treat me no better than last week, so here we go.

I bombed an interview on Thursday, but I just got a call to interview for another position on Wednesday.  In preparation for this, I have sought out help from the interviewers from the first interview so that my second interview doesn’t turn out to be the roaring stinkfest of incompetence that the first interview was.  Interview interview.

In addition, I am finished this job in a week and a half, and I have to figure out how to transfer over five months of work and data to the new person (who is actually the old person) and get my room packed up and into my tiny little Toyota Corolla without things spilling off the roof like a Yugo in downtown Bangladesh.

While this is going on I will have to be editing my reports, which (if past examples are any measure) will be riddled with grievous mistakes and accidental cursing.  I figure that the computer program will crash on me and lose all of my data while I am doing this, and the entire process will cause me to have a nervous breakdown in the middle of my interview, at which point I will throw my hands up in the air, scream “Why, God, why?” and run screaming from the room while I throttle myself with my own tie.

That’s the best case scenario, as I see it.