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The Golden Globes were on last night, and I’ve already made a point to trash award shows.  The movies industry is narcissistic to absurdity, and Hollywood in general lacks any awareness of its own shallowness and irrelevancy; what more can I say about it?  And who would listen?

Perhaps some people deserving of recognition would prove my point.

Here is a list of last year’s Teacher of the Year recipients.  These are people that have actually done something worthwhile and deserve the attention that drunken womanizers and air-headed bimbos get on national television.

Here is a brief biography of Brian Ferrey, 2010 recipient of the Terry Fox Humanitarian award.  He is a high school student that spends his time helping impoverished people in downtown Vancouver.  He’s no Robert Pattinson (he doesn’t pretend to be a moody vampire in a recurring role that needs to die a horrible death, and I doubt that the girls surround him in screaming hordes while he walks the streets), but his work deserves to be recognized on TV.

If you follow this link, you will find the speech given for 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo’s fight for human rights in China.  He couldn’t accept it himself because he is currently serving time in a Chinese prison for speaking and acting out against the government.  I wonder if he watched people fall all over themselves to praise Robert De Niro’s lifetime contribution to pretending to be someone else while reading words memorized from a book of lines.

Ricky Gervais is the only thing worth watching on the Golden Globes. Why? He makes fun of everyone. He took the piss out of every one of those pompous, self-congratulatory wind-bags in Hollywood and he smiled while he did it. Every actor and actress in the world should have a constant loop of Ricky Gervais piped into their iPhones so that they can be reminded, day in and day out, that they are just a bunch of popular idiots with terrible social skills.

(Note:  When I get my big break and receive my Oscar, I will try to appear more gracious and worldly than these guys do.  And I’ll mention all twelve of you – my readers – in my acceptance speech.)