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Facebook is a mixed blessing.  While it has brought innumerable people together, it has also created a generation of narcissists posting every second of their existence in the hopes that one of their “friends” will validate them with a comment, a like, or (less commonly) a poke.  It has changed social interaction in a profound way; time will tell if this is a permanent thing or not.

One good thing that Facebook has done is allow my friend and I to banter our faces off when things are slow during the day.  This fellow works with a lot of people that… how shall I say this… enjoy the sound of rolling dice whilst wearing horned helmets and pretending to drink mead.  It can be a bit irritating to listen to recaps of their nightly adventures through the Dungeons and Dragons universe, and that can manifest itself into some snide Facebook posts.  And, being a bit of a banterer, I can’t help but comment back.  An example of this follows.

I recognize the irony of this conversation.  Clearly, my friend and I know enough about role playing games in general to make specific jokes.  I feel that this counts as targeted mockery rather than hidden homage, but it’s a fine line.