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I like Ancaster Toyota.  I really do.  But they aren’t the world’s best logisticians.  Not for the first time, I was presented with a scenario with which Jerry Seinfeld was all too familiar.

Me: Hi there.  I have a 3:00 appointment for a service and an oil change.

Ancaster Toyota Employee: (Looking around nervously)  Okay…  Sorry, we’re just really busy right now.  I have, like, five more cars lined up to go and all of the bays are full.  I can get you in but you’ll probably have to wait a few hours.

I had a choice at this point.  Being a cynical, entitled bastard, I could justifiable have said the following to the employee:

Cynical, Entitled, Bastard Me: You do understand what an appointment is, right?  I booked a time in advance so that you could reserve the manpower to get the job done at that pre-arranged time.  If you knew that you had a lot of work to do, you could book your employees in accordingly.  And if people showed up today with more work than you could handle, you should be turning them away in favour of getting my pre-booked work finished.

Ancaster Toyota Employee: I know that, sir, but-

Cynical, Entitled, Bastard Me: No no, I’m not done yet.  You see, the real issue here is that you aren’t prioritizing.  You think that everyone should be treated the same.  But that’s a bad idea because you are giving tacit approval to the bahaviour of people who think that they can just wander in and get things done in the same amount of time that organized, responsible people do.

Ancaster Toyota Employee: I do apologize, sir.  If we could-

Cynical, Entitled, Bastard Me: Zip-it, puke-face.  Do you see all those cars over there?  The ones from the people that didn’t have an appointment that are now ahead of my car somehow?  Because you put them ahead of me, instead of explaining to them that they should have booked an appointment since you were all booked up, you just ensured that every man-jack of them will continue to cut people off on the highway, not wait their turn at four-ways, and steal your parking spot without so much as a thought to what a bunch of narcissistic tools they really are.

Ancaster Toyota Employee: Well, I’m not sure that I can really be blamed-

Cynical, Entitled, Bastard Me: Not done yet, Mac-wiener-brain.  The customer is not always right.  Sometimes they are dead wrong, and you need to tell them that.  Otherwise, the world starts spiraling downward even faster than it already is.  You reward people for being jerks.  You promote complaining and whining and people’s inability to take ownership for their own stupidity.  You cut prices for nasty, raving lunatics and take advantage of people that regularly say please.  You make our world worse for the sake of making a buck.

Ancaster Toyota Employee: Now hold on-


I could have said all of this.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I rebooked for a later date and told the man to have a nice day.  I’m so ashamed.