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My daughter when she wakes up. She looks cute and goofy. I look like I've been beaten with ugly sticks.


I just woke up from a two hour nap next to Abby and Erin.

No wait!  The “ugh” was not in reference to napping with my beautiful family!  It was just my regular physical response from sleeping so long in the middle of the day.  I have a love/hate relationship with naps due to the fact that (unlike my sunshine-filled daughter) I tend to wake up grumpy and disoriented.  Like a badger.

It was a justified nap, however, since my schedule has gone completely nutty in the last few days.  On Monday morning I was walking out of an interview that I knew I had bombed, and on Monday afternoon I was trying to wrap my head around the idea of stepping in to that school again to teach in week’s time.  (I even got a call for another interview just minutes after accepting the first position.  Yikes.)

The stress alone – that wonderful gut-turning anxiety that goes along with knowing that my new job is going to be different from anything that I have ever done before – is enough to get me off my already dicey sleep schedule.  Learning that my first meeting was on the other side of the city at 8:00 AM was just icing on the insomnia cake.  It was a good test since that will be my starting time from here on in.  Teaching at that time in the morning should be a really interesting test of how quickly I can get my brain into gear when it traditionally doesn’t start working at the 7th grade level until about 11:00.

Again, let it not be said that I am complaining here!  I am happy to be working a regular schedule for the next few months, even if it is skewed heavily toward the time of day when roosters and predatory animals are most active.

There is one more thing about this new schedule that is worrying me, however: this silly little blog of mine might not get the care and attention that it deserves.

I’ll have to see how next week goes, but a 3-day-a-week update may well have to get scrapped in favour of something more manageable.  I hate to think about that.  It feels like I’m giving up since I can’t remember the last time that I missed posting on a scheduled day; it feels like a failure.

I guess we’ll see what happens.