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Today, my wife was supposed to be getting a massage, a much needed break from the daily routine of poopy diapers and spit-up.  On a cloudy, rainy day, it seemed all the more perfect to have booked an hour of pampering, while Daddy got to stay home and have some quality time with Baby.

Erin headed out at 10:20 for her 10:30 appointment.

At 10:40, she returned home.

It turns out that the spa had overbooked or understaffed or left their pea-sized brains on their dressers that morning, because they informed Erin that they could not fulfill her appointment.  “We called and canceled your appointment on Saturday,” they told her.

(This is not true.  We have call display and we were home all day.  There was no call made here.)

“Well you must have given us your work number.”

(This is also not true, which they confirmed on the appointment booking.  It was our home number listed, and they never called.)

“Can you come back later on today?” they asked hopefully.

Erin explained that she could not, since she was a feeding schedule with a new human being, which is why she had booked and confirmed the current appointment ahead of time.  I’m sure she was reminded of the Seinfeld discussion about “taking” a reservation and “holding it.”

Erin returned home in tears, not just because of the sheer uselessness of the staff at the spa, but also because she had been honked at and flipped off by some pathetic lowlife in giant, overcompensating GMC pickup who thought that she wasn’t turning fast enough for him.  Were it not for the enormous restorative powers of Starbucks drinks and online episodes of Mad Men, I don’t think she would have made it through the day.

This all leads me to my main point: people suck.

I wish I could feel hopeful about humanity the way my friend Cindy, an avowed humanist, seems to.  I wish that I could believe that the default mode for people is charity, caring, and love.  But on days like today, it’s all I can do to keep from going out on the street and throwing rotten eggs at everyone I see.  People are selfish, careless, and dumb.  They shout rules at you but never follow them.  They demand respect but don’t give it.  They hate and accuse and blame and steal.

As I sit in basement and silently seethe at the world, Erin brings Abby down in her arms to see what I am doing.  Erin can tell when I am in an off mood, and today is no exception to that.  So she hands me my daughter.

And Abby does this.

Oh my heart, oh my soul.

And once again I am reminded that there is still hope for humanity in the world.