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I present to you a series of noises and their translations made by my daughter, Abby, as she reaches the 6-week mark of her existence:

  • Squee: This is the most commonly heard new word in Abby’s vocabulary.  I think that it means something along the lines of, “Here I am, world!  I’m cute and silly and you’re going to have to love me!”  It is generally accompanied by a wry smile and a poop.
  • Gurglele: This one is trickier.  My best guess is that she is saying, “I understand your point, but you are basing a number of your conclusions on false assumptions and outdated information.  I, on the other hand, do not have such misconceptions, and thus have the upper hand in this argument.  Now give me milk.”
  • Goooooohick: “This toy amuses me, but the constant bouncing in this seat has given me a rather bad case of the hiccups.  Remove me so that I may return my diaphragm to its natural functioning order.”
  • Snursnur: “Holy mother of Pete I have a big booger in my nose!  Get it out!  Get it out now!”
  • Hupphupphoooo: “I acknowledge that you are making funny faces, and I will reward your intentional buffoonery with a smile.”
  • Fluttt: A hair curling profanity.