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Well, I was all set to come home and get things done today.  I had my mental to-do list, my shopping list, my writing list, my blogging list, and a few miscellanea (like finding the opposite word to philanthropy).  Lately I’ve been feeling a bit like I’m off my routine.  My rhythm, such that it was, has been tripped up.

I used to be good at getting my blogs up by 5, but now I’m lucky if I even remember that I’m supposed to do it.

Freaking baby.

Today, for example, I got home from work, ready to get this post up, and do you know what happened?  This:

The author holding hands with Baby Abby. Note cute at all. Just annoying.

It’s just really hard to get any thing finished when I pick up a fussy baby and she falls asleep on me.  I mean, what am I going to do?  She’s sleeping on me.  I tried to pass her over to a pillow, but Abby apparently can tell the difference between me and a furniture accessory.  Also, she rolls off of things sometimes.

I also haven’t done much drawing.  My scary monster pictures are beginning to err toward butterflies and things with large, adorable eyes.

Freaking baby…